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Expand your empire by subduing your enemies! Gather resources by colonizing planets! Forge a formidable space army by working with other players! Your single goal: become Emperor of the Galaxy.

Each contestant begins as captain of a simple scout ship, but nothing stays simple for long in MegaWars. Planetary colonization brings economic wealth that powers deployment of massive space-born shipyards and construction of technologically superior weapons factories. That’s just the beginning; balance resource building and space combat to become a member of the ruling elite!


Megawars.Net is the latest chapter in a decades-long story that began in the mid 1970’s with a game simply called WAR.

Created at the University of Texas at Austin on the CDC-6600, WAR was a two-player, single-terminal game based on the original online, text-only space strategy game called Star Trek where each player took turns at the terminal in an effort to hunt the other player down. The primary addition to the game was a strategic portion where you took over planets, and then turned then into starbases. This planetary element would become a key ingredient in later versions of the game.

The MegaWars difference: EQUALITY. All players have an equal shot at winning. Because competitive PvP is the bedrock upon which MegaWars is built, no player gets trapped in pointlessly-boring, never-ending missions where its obvious they can’t win, or games where already established players grind newbies into the dirt. MegaWars games last for 30 days. A winner is then chosen for each campaign, the galaxy resets, and new campaigns begin. Newbies will still have to learn quickly and may take a game or two to get established, but soon they will have the same grasp of strategizing, tactical knowledge, and alliance building as other, more senior players. At the conclusion of each year, top winners will have a shot at fighting in the War of the Galaxies, with the top prize — the title of Emperor — going to the last player standing.

One of the most exciting possibilities with MegaWars is that you pick the type action you most enjoy:
— The Total War Campaign is just as it says, fight until there’s only one player left.
— The Empire Builder Campaign promotes planet colonization and the goal is total economic domination.
— The Bug Hunt Campaign rewards cooperation; the prize goes to the team with the largest number of Kryon kills.
— The unique Explorers Campaign calls for reassembling and activating a lost Kryon Doomsday weapon.

Whatever style of play you most enjoy, in MegaWars you’ll be able to find a gameplay that matches it.