Developer testing maybe completed tomorrow.. (err I mean today)

I will be turning it over to a few Alpha testers to complete several runs and adjust the game according to their comments.

If all goes as planned we will open the Academy 101 normal difficulty to beta testers on Saturday.  NOTE: Screen resolution is LOCKED at 1920 x 1080 during beta testing.

A few weeks ago we made the decision to test the game with the academies first.  The great thing about the academies is we don’t have to announce a time or have a long war to test items that will revel themselves in a few hours.

The Academy 101 is a single player game takes about 15 minutes to complete a run and it is a challenge, if I am not careful I have died to the NPC’s  they are rather mean at this point.  (the fuel gauge was broken .. 🙂 )

We will open 401 in a few weeks to allow players to adjust to the Planet Management changes.

This is a screen shot of the fuel gauge and torpedo cool down timer.