Ship configuration has always been a major feature of MegaWars.

This is what it has looked like for almost 10 years in MegaWarsIII, the rebirth.  It was also a similar text menu in MegaWarsIII on Compuserve for 30 years.

Since MegaWars is now graphic it added a few challenges:

  1. All dry docks need to repair any ship size
  2. Dry docks need to indicate the size built by the planet

I think we accomplished these two goals – be sure to click on the image to get a better view.

The ships used are part of the Poleaxe Class, it is available only to Founders.

This is a small dry dock ~3 hulls with a scout in the dock.


Same dry dock with a 200 hull Dreadnought in the dock.


This is a large drydock 200 hulls (currently there are three sizes) with the same scout


This is the same drydock with a 200 hull Dreadnought in the dock.


The ship configuration is the next step to the project.