In 2010 when Silverlight was moving from v2 to v3 a company held a contest to build a Silverlight application and win $10,000.  I had a little free time and we worked two weeks straight to build a client for MegaWars – that prototype created during that two weeks lead to Holozek, WarpPlus, MegaWarsIV and eventually clients.

In November 2014 when we began testing the Mac and discovered the XNA special effects were not working we made the jump to Unity V5.  This new client and c# has allowed us to save some of that original code we built in 2010 but we have completely abandoned Silverlight.


Tonight, the client that Lady’s Wrath and I have worked on has been removed from the main code stream.  While I am excited to be working with Unity I am sad to see this wonderful platform go away.  Microsoft dropped it in 2012 but I was one of the last die hard fans.

Good bye old friend, we have created many applications besides Mega Wars and I will miss you.