We have a starfield that works like I have always envisioned.

In silverlight our first tests the starfield was so bad it dropped some computers to 10 frames per second (FPS)  It made the game unplayable.  We were only using 8 planes of depth for the stars.

After extensive testing and some tricks we were able to get that to 25 FPS using silverlight only.

When we restarted the project using XNA we got the FPS into the 40 FPS range when we turned on the starfield.   With XNA we were able to get 20 planes of depth working with about 1,000 stars in the background.

In unity with PopcornFx the current tests are running at 60 FPS! (the max for MegaWars settings) 20 planes of depth with 4,800 stars!

In the PopcornFX’s editor we are seeing 260 FPS!