Hi all,

After a good weekend, Normal and hyper space are working as I expect they should.

I can navigate in and out of the systems without any issues and I am pleased with the speed of the game.  I am very happy with performance over what we had with Silverlight.

I had some extremely annoying flashing when a ship entered or exited a system but those issues have been fixed.

As you can see in this screen shot I need to rotate the planets to face the sun but it looks very similar to what we had in Silverlight and MWiV.

I have come across a special effects package that I will purchase this week.  It will add what we always saw in our minds eye in the original game.  The package will create a fluid background with a star field and nebulae, weapons fire and an awesome planet management and attack screens.  Soon I will have to create videos to show the progress.

This screen shot the background is a plain black, this will change soon.  The helm and radial menus are fully activated and a tool tips are active for most of the controls.  Hovering over a planet gives the survey information about the colony.


Items to do: Target selector/Torpedo ring, current target control, player ship indicators (shields/hull), radar menu needs detail work – its fully functional now, tactical menu, chat menu and command entry box.

Note: I am still playing with the sizes of the planets and stars.