Bug fixes:
– Planet View
— Attack had some issues – resolved
— Establish, Occupy and Abandon now update space navigation buttons instantly and it is possible to revolve though abandon and occupy
— The Planet statics were not updating correctly – resolved
– The mouse could zoom and out while a dialog was open – fixed
– In Hyper planet statics could be shown off the screen, this has been resolved. The data should always be on the screen.
– Several minor issues have been resolved

– The command box was hard to read with the colors – resolved
– The button tool tips now hover near the button
– In the academies when the colony upgrades the ship a message is shown.
– In the academies’ dry dock the drag bar has been hidden and players must play with the ship given.
– The ship statics are now shown at the top of the screen
— The XY are in MegaMeters (I did not make it up http://www.mathsisfun.com/metric-numbers.html )